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Graphic designer for more than ten years, I use various technologies to create still or moving images.


I started my career as a carpenter cabinetmaker. It is relatively atypical. Quite suddenly, I wanted to imagine my own furniture, and be able to view it from different angles. It brought me into the world of 3D. I was immediately won over.

First self-taught, I then followed advanced training. I needed to understand and appropriate the technical terms and this fascinating environment.

It's curiosity, a taste for a job well done and my perpetual thirst for learning and improving myself.  which led me to the infographic. I wanted to be able to create all kinds of images. April 2008, I take the plunge and become my own boss. A little known in the world of furniture for my few achievements as an employee, many brands trust me and entrust me with various projects. Word of mouth and communication lead me in various universes. Professionals ask me for services that allow me to expand and improve my range of skills.

I have neither the curriculum, nor the diplomas of some of my colleagues, but that's good, it's not what I'm selling. What I have to offer is talent, experience and serious know-how.

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